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At Solar Hot Water Guys, we put a lot of effort in ensuring that solar hot water systems utilize the energy from the sun in a most cost effective way. solar hot water heaters are required to be energy efficient; otherwise they beat the very essence of investing a lot of money in them. At our company, we have come up with the most efficient, high standard solar water heaters that tap into the suns potential to heat up your water. We also have a highly dedicated team of experts that will help in the design and installation of the solar hot water heater that you require in either your house or a commercial concern. Talk to us on 888-657-3531 and share with us all the elements of the solar hot water issues that you would need to be considered in your next installation.



When it comes to solar hot water heaters, you would want a reliable and dedicated team of technicians to be entrusted with the work at your premises. Luckily, we have the most disciplined team of professionals. We can guarantee you that you will get the service that we promise to deliver. Our team is highly trained and will therefore not engage in unacceptable behaviors. If our technicians fail to exhibit any acceptable behavior, notify us immediately. We will offer a quick refund for the money you will have paid for the installation of solar hot water heater at your premises.



Apart from design and installation services, we also carry out extensive repair service to your solar hot water heater to enhance its performance and make it more energy efficient. We have in our contracts a clause that defines the warranty you will enjoy with us in the event our repair services fail to provide satisfactory output. Call us on 888-657-3531 and let us know if the repair met your expectations. If there is defect in our work, then you will be able to utilize the warranty and be compensated.

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Replacement install

We carry out thorough installation services such as direct circulation and indirect insulation systems. With our direct insulation, you will get solar collectors which work best in non-freeze areas. The indirect circulation solar heating system will circulate a non-freeze fluid which passes over heat exchange mechanisms. So, whether the temperatures are freezing or not, the heating system will continue working, providing with hot water into your home. There are also passive solar hot water heaters that serve the same purpose, only cheaper.

Both of these systems work best depending on the environment you leave in. You will be guaranteed either of our systems will serve the purpose at your home or industry that you are found. If they fail to work accordingly, then you will entitle to a refund. Alternatively, we will replace the installation and provide you with another one.

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